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Oct. 5th, 2004 @ 10:22 am I was lazy
You know your a volcano freak when::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ;)

1. You keep the Volcano Cam on even at night in the event there is enough lava flow to create an image. You woke up your significant other to see Mondays steam explosion on the cam.
2. You print maps from the regional level down to the mountain itself, and use at least 3 different sources for your cartographic information.
3. On said maps you locate the area that is closest to the crater yet out of the directed blast zone. You travel up the forest roads to this ridge, where you find it to be mostly unoccupied by tourists.

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Sep. 18th, 2004 @ 07:37 pm I was lazy
Edit: This issue has been resolved; an agreement to communicate more completely was made between the parties. I would like to thank Borders for discussing the matter further and resolving it so quickly. We appreciate their continued support on this project and look forward to working with them.
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Sep. 18th, 2004 @ 10:18 am I was lazy
FOR IMMEDIATE RELASE: (Sept. 17, 2004)

Group of Disabled Customers Discriminated Against at Local Bookstore...

GRESHAM, OR- Every Friday the Cascadia CORE team from East Multnomah County meets at the Borders Bookstore along the MAX line in the main Gresham shopping district. They gather there to have coffee, talk and socialize. CORE is part of a program offered by Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare to assist mental health clients reintegrate into the community. The coffee shop at Borders makes an ideal location since it is near a pond, is quiet and easily accessible by public transit. Most of the folks who are members of the team are on federal disability and do not own a vehicle.

This week the management of the store informed the group that they were no longer welcome customers. They explained that an individual who had received services from Cascadia had been caught attempting to shoplift at some earlier point. This person was not associated with the CORE team; they simply had received mental health services. Since Cascadia is the largest provider of such help in the area and works with thousands of people at many levels, this is a highly suspect policy. In effect they are wholesale banning a large portion of the psychiatric consumer/survivor community for nothing more than having received treatment from one of the only healthcare choices they have.

Eventually the group was served, but it is unknown whether the management will follow through on its threat and refuse the group services next week. We are asking for an apology from Borders to the 13 participants that were there. Being treated in such a way was very difficult to handle for some of the clients, and they have a right to a sincere apology. They also have a right to be respected as individuals, not simply branded and discriminated against because of a disability. That is counter to where we want to go as a society, a country built on inclusion, diversity and freedom of access.

To let Borders know that you are in solidarity with this group please contact the Border Headquarters at the number below. Tell them you want to see this issue resolved in a respectful, fair and compassionate way. End psychiatric segregation today!!!

Borders Corporate Office:

For more information please contact:

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Aug. 15th, 2004 @ 07:11 pm I was lazy
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The entire article is here.

This section is from way at the bottom. Slowly the media picks up on what industry insiders have known for a while.........


Big oil reservoirs are becoming harder to find and more expensive to develop. Many of the oil provinces outside OPEC are mature, which means that finds are now smaller, need more costly technology to develop and fall faster from peak production.

Oil companies have also been cautious on spending since the '97-'98 price crash slashed their share prices and triggered a spate of mergers. They have focused on large-scale projects, which will give them good margins.

Many new ventures are in remote areas, which demand expensive equipment and are more susceptible to delays.

Non-OPEC supply growth outside Russia before the price crash averaged more than 1 million bpd. Since then it has been negligible.

Forecasts of non-OPEC supply growth, especially when the rebound in Russian production is stripped out, have consistently been overstated.

The increased cost of finding and developing non-OPEC oil has fueled speculators' convictions that oil markets are a good long-term bet. Royal Dutch/Shell 's reserves troubles have reinforced the view that oil is becoming harder to find.

In OPEC, which holds around two-thirds of the world's oil reserves, many of the bigger nations either do not allow foreign investment in oil, or have unattractive investment and legal terms.

This has slowed growth in production capacity in OPEC nations, meaning that most are already producing flat out to meet demand.
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Aug. 15th, 2004 @ 01:32 am South of the Border
For yrs I have gotten updates from Z Net and while I admit I honestly rarely read them anymore I found some of these interesting. I am not here to push the agenda of Z, in fact I pretty regularly counter the arguments put forth. But I found some of these quotes from Chavez interesting, especially in light of THIS article and this particular item:

17) American intelligence is discredited for the foreseeable future. As Arnaud de Borchgrave wrote, "The war on Iraq and ongoing occupation by coalition forces has dealt body blows to the world's two most important intelligence services – the CIA and MI6."

Are we losing our grip, do even small nations no longer fear us?

My two favourite quotes from the press conference were the following. First, when asked about what he hopes for from the US, he said-"we could hope for a lot. What couldn´t we accomplish with the US on our side? What couldn´t we accomplish in fighting poverty, fighting for education, for health care, for literacy in the neighbourhoods? What couldn't we accomplish for all of the Americas, or for the whole world? I would be the first one to ally with the United States for something like that. But we cannot hope for anything like that. I read this morning that the US is about to take Najaf. Instead of withdrawing from Iraq, as Spain did, in a very dignified way, as other Latin American countries did, they are making this terrible mistake, with its terrible consequences, even worse." He reminded the audience that Venezuela always opposed and continues to oppose the war in Iraq. And he reminded those present that the reason the price of oil is climbing is because of that war, in part.

My other favourite quote was about the CIA itself. When asked about the CIA, he said: "You know, it is like James Bond. Now, I love James Bond. I think the Sean Connery James Bond movies are irreplaceable. But James Bond is not as cool now as he was." (this is fairly loose translation, forgive me) "Look at Dracula! Is the new Dracula as scary as Bela Lugosi´s Dracula? Superman? Even Batman, he's not scary any more, and neither is Robin! The same is true of the CIA. We, a third world, underdeveloped country, we have taped the CIA giving classes here in Venezuela-that is, we have infiltrated them. I've called the US Embassy to ask them to stop trying to infiltrate our military-I know the military, when something is going on, they tell me..." When asked if the US would try to destabilize Venezuela, he said they probably would. "But they will fail, again and again."

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Aug. 14th, 2004 @ 07:37 pm Alert
I just got this on an email list, and anyone interested in helping should go to her journal , laan. There is contact info for her and the powers that be as well. Lets get her the hell out of there..............</red>

03:33 pm - Statement August 11, 2004

August 11, 2004
St. Boniface Hospital
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

On the evening of Wednesday, August 4, Sara Arenson, a twenty-five year old performing artist, student and activist, was involuntarily detained in the psychiatric ward of the St. Boniface General Hospital in Winnipeg. Sara was supposedly suffering a 'mixed manic' episode, according to an examining psychiatrist, although she believes that mental illness is simply a label for spontaneous personal expression that those in power in our society find disturbing.

At the time of her confinement, Sara had been out walking in downtown Winnipeg dreaming up unusual ideas about science and spirituality, asking questions of everyone she met, and laughing, crying, and chatting with the hungry and the poor. Because she is a naturally spontaneous, frank, emotionally expressive and articulate person, and had decided that evening to start asserting herself in ways she never had before, friends and a psychiatrist thought she was in trouble and in need of "treatment".

The "treatment" that Sara has received has consisted of incarceration in a psychiatric facility, where she is being coercively drugged with Risperidone, a powerful "atypical antipsychotic" whose common side effects include weight gain, dizziness, sleeplessness, racing heartbeat, restlessness, and anxiety. Sara is afraid to refuse this "medication", despite the fact that when she was brought in no blood tests were performed indicating any sort of biochemical abnormality in her brain or elsewhere (since then, blood work has been performed and she has been deemed physically healthy except for some systemic yeast). She is afraid to refuse "medication" because after her initial psychiatric interview, she was not allowed to go home, but forcibly restrained with an injection and brought into the psychiatric ward. Now she does not want to risk being injected with slower releasing forms of antipsychotic drugs, because she has a fear of needles and wants to minimize the amount of drug in her bloodstream.
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Aug. 8th, 2004 @ 02:26 pm The First Post
Of the new journal. This is short, but I wanted at least a place holder.

As my interests list makes clear this journal is about politics, discussion and thoughts. I needed a new outlet for such things, one which is more expansive. The format and colors look pretty lame at this point, but that will be corrected in time. Piece by piece this will be built. And now enough jabber, the next post will be on topic..................
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